Phoenix IV

Under Development


Height: TBD

Diameter: 6in

Engine: M-class (1,151 - 2,302 lbf·s)

Maximum Velocity: TBD

Expected Apogee: 10,000 ft

Recovery System: Dual event


Phoenix IV is our first 10,000ft class competition rocket! The purpose of the rocket is to deliver a payload of scientific merit to 10,000 ft, and recover the rocket successfully. Work on this rocket began in fall 2021 and is currently in progress. The first planned launch is scheduled for late February 2022, followed by competition on July 2022.


Lake Winnipesaukee NH (02/26/2022): L875 Aerotech motor - planned

Truth or Consequences NM (07/2022): M1340 Aerotech motor - planned