Our Team

~ Fastest Team at Olin ~


Our team was started in 2017 by a group of freshmen that wanted to gain real, hands-on aerospace engineering experience while in college. Since then the team has grown from 5 to 30 members and has developed 3 launch vehicles and 1 solid propellant rocket engine. There is currently one launch vehicle under development and two solid propellant engines. Our goal is to participate in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (Spaceport America Cup) and in the process acquire knowledge and skills that will prepare us for the Aerospace Industry.


Project Manager

Han Vakil '24

Mechanical Design Lead

Lead Systems Engineer

Ian Eykamp '24

Lead Avionics Engineer

Systems/Recovery Lead

Simon Kemp '23

Payload Integration Lead

Seniors' Board

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

The Team

Software and Systems Engineer

Zeno Schwebel '23

Manufacturing Engineer

CJ Hilty '24

Mechanical Engineer

Carlo Colizzi '24

Mechanical Engineer

Aaron Huang '24

Engine Project Lead

Dre Hilton '24

Engine Project

Engine Project

Charlie Babe '24

Avionics Engineer

Aissa Conde '24

Payload Engineer

Alex Matsoukas '24

Avionics Engineer

Cassandre Roos '25

Structures Engineer

Lillian Shoemaker-Conover '25

Structures Engineer

Marc Eftimie '25

Avionics Engineer

Oliver Buchwald '25

Recovery Engineer

Ethan Chen '25

Structures Engineer

Madeline Robertson '25

Structures Engineer

Lili Baker '25

Structures Engineer

Cherry Pham '25

Avionics Engineer

Rowan Jansens '25

Avionics Engineer

Our Advisors

Faculty Advisor

Our Alumni

Founder (Former PM)

Alex Bahner '21