HPR Rockets

The Saturn Program aims to get our team members familiar with building a rocket, by giving them the opportunity to get their NAR L1 high power certification. To achieve that goal rocketry provides members with a model rocket kit and an NAR membership.

Kit Rocket Specifications:

Estes Leviathan Clone

Height: 42 in

Diameter: 3 in

Engine: F / G / H class

Maximum Velocity:

Expected Apogee: 650- 2500ft

Recovery System: Ejection charge, parachute

Our Model Rocket Fleet

Dione - Launch Manifest

Amesbury MA (10/03/2020) - F20 Motor - Argyris

Amesbury MA (10/03/2020) - G80 Motor - Argyris

Amesbury MA (11/21/2020) - H135 - Argyris (L1 Certification)

Mimas - Launch Manifest

Vermont (10/17/2020) - F20 Motor - Kyle

Bergelmir - Launch Manifest

Amesbury MA (11/07/2020) - F20 Motor - Berwin, Esme, Ari, and Miles