Phoenix V

Launched at RIMRA 4/23/2023


Height: 56.5in

Diameter: 4in

Engine: J-class (157  lb·s)

Maximum Velocity: 161mph

Apogee (at test launch): 1,620 ft

Recovery System: Dual event


Represented below is a Fusion 360 CAD model of the Phoenix V rocket. This is a dual-deployment 4in diameter rocket. The body tubes are carbon fiber in-house student made tubes. The avionics feature a new modular avionics bay with and EAST and PRISM design. This rocket flew with a scaled down 3U cube-sat that simulates a cargo launch. 


West Kingston, RI (04/23/2023): J270W-14A Aerotech motor

Launch Stats

Apogee at 1620ft

(lowered due to weather conditions)

Max velocity of 161mph

Launch Video