Our Payload

Our payload sub team built our first scientific payload during the '22-'23 academic year. We designed and built a scaled down 3U cubesat (as it was designed for a 4in diameter rocket) which is meant to simulate a cargo launch.

Scaled 3U Cubesat 

This is our scaled down 3U cubesat which houses our "cargo". This cargo, for the purposes of our test launch on 4/22/2023, will be a quail egg. The image below depicts the egg holder which allows us to secure the cargo to the cubesat. We used rubber tubing to secure the egg to the cubesat. The walls of the structure are delrin and the brackets are CNC milled in-house aluminum. 

Cargo Holder

This is the CAD for the assembly that will be securing our egg allowing us to connect it to the cubesat. There will be small c-shaped handles on the side of the egg that will allow us to secure the rubber tubing to the encasing. The egg will have force sensors to detect the forces present on the egg during takeoff, flight, and impact.